Collaborative Marketing That Is Aligned With Your Bottom Line.

Your Marketing Dollars Are Your Soldiers

Every dollar you spend on marketing is like a soldier. When you deploy them to the battlefield of your marketplace we expect them to come back with captives.

Collaborative marketing let's us earn more of your adspend by hitting performance metrics tailored to your business. You supply us a marketing budget, and in exchange for our services, you agree to pay a share of revenue, a per lead fee, or a bit of both. Paying us from future profits lets you maximize the marketing dollars available for producing revenue right now.

We Are Aligned With Your Bottom Line

Our experience has taught us that any business can grow and succeed with the right value proposition to a hungry audience.

We assess your exisiting customer funnel, marketing assets, sales process, metrics and most importantly customer engagement to find opportunities for growth.

And we share the risks of growth with you by having our profits tied to the overall performance of your business. that is how we align with your bottom line.

We Help You Prepare For Rapid Growth

One of the biggest challenges when ramping up your marketing is how to deal with the growing pains.

What happens when you run out of inventory? Or when you have more leads than your sales team can close? What happens when suddenly you need a customer service department? A call center? A legal department?

We help you prepare for the operational bottlenecks that come from rapid growth before we fire up the rockets.

Zero Wasted Dollars

Ever wonder how companies achieve 100%, 400%, 1600%, and even higher ROI from their marketing dollars?
These companies know that the money is in the metrics. The best marketers are willing to lose a few bucks up front to get the data that will let them dominate down the road.

We deploy 100% of your adspend with strategic planning, tracking and reporting so that you can be confident every dollar is buying you valuable data that will produce your desired results over time.
This is how we achieve zero waste.

Effective Marketing Takes Work.

After a commanding performance, a famous pianist was approached by a woman in the audience who said, "I would give my life to play like that!" to which the pianist replied, "I did."

Anyone trying to sell you the next "magic bullet" for marketing is chasing a unicorn.

Effective marketing comes from dedication to the craft. It's hours spent inside the workings of an adserver algorithim. It's reams of yellow legal pad filled with sales copy. It's the ongoing investment to stay on the edge of what's working now and betting on what's next.
Above all it takes a good listener who understands you, your client and the value proposition that makes it all work.

Digital Age Marketers

We are a collective of experienced marketers who have generated millions in revenue on a performance basis.

Our Process

Like all the best laid plans, our approach to growing your business is simple enough to fit on a bar napkin.


  • Situation Analysis
  • Message to Market Fit
  • Sales Funnel Design


  • Copy, Creative & Controls
  • Sales Funnel Build
  • Minimum Viable Marketing


  • Enhanced Media Buying
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Revenue Optimization

Do You Want An Unfair Advantage?

Watch This Video And Learn
How We Transform Site Visitors
Into Paying Customers

Learn why your customers buy from you.

And give them what they want, when, and where they want it. in REAL TIME.

Customer Journey Mapping

You Can’t Get The Actionable Insights We Provide From Google Analytics.

The same team that built an A.I. to beat players on Jeopardy have developed our proprietary machine learning behavioral analytics.

Our Actionable Insight Reporting is based on REAL TIME customer engagement and can forecast revenue up to 94% accuracy.

Gain actionable insights before your competition can spell BIG DATA

Dedicated Customer Engagement

Have You Ever Asked A Sales Associate Questions About A Product While Shopping In a Store?

Why did you need their help?

Over 50% of people engage with in store sales associates, so why not have highly trained all American engagement specialists on your website 24/7. Real people listening and guiding your customers in REAL TIME at the all important moment of purchase.

And when this LITTLE DATA about how your customers feel and what they want is combined with our BIG DATA customer journey mapping, this simple service becomes massively more powerful and has proven to triple sales and increase time on site by %1600


Think of us as a bolt on marketing department. We take your data driven customer insights and recommend where to spend your ad budget, what value proposition to lead with and how to personalize your content to your customers.

Yawn... sleepy yet? That's a lot of jargon.

Instead of learning this yourself or heaping new inititives on your existing team, let us do this for you and pay us from the results.

Give us some or all of your media buying budget and we will drive new revenues by taking your actionable insights and turning them into adspends in REAL TIME.

What's Working Now

These are the tactics that offer you the best bang for the buck right now.

Our Results

Our product scales to deliver the same superior results for the likes of Microsoft and Target as it does for Home Services like HVAC and Water Damage Restoration. Health & Wellness, Financial Services, Legal, Niche B2B services and SAAS products can see incredible results from our services.

Consultants and Agencies can white label our services to deliver low risk high value revenue generation for their clients.

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  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Coaching & Consulting
  • Professional Services
  • Product Promotion
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D.A.M. Products

We have three simple options to choose from based on your business needs and goals.
We also offer a suite of strategic and creative services for our portfolio clients.

We are looking for a few more dream clients.

Take the next step and tell us more about your business through our dream client application.

It takes a few minutes to complete and it helps us understand how we can partner in your growth.

Our model is not a fit for every business.
We use a mix of market intelligence, financial modeling and gut instincts to choose our clients. And, we only collaborate with companies with whom we can deliver maximum results.

We review every client introduction form in detail, however we can only take on so many client relationships at a time. To ensure your best chance to work with us please consider each answer carefully and provide meaningful answers that will help inform our decision.

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